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New Audio Training Facility Opens in British Columbia

Young people in western Canada with a passion for music now have a valuable and helpful training program available to them in Kelowna, British Columbia. The Music & Audio Technical Training Institute (MATTI) has commenced with courses that are designed to give students the opportunity to learn the skills needed to get their audio production  Full Article…


Ghostwriting Bedroom Producers J-Punch and Dave Moonshine Scientifically ‘Engineer’ a New Form of Music Designed to Please All Audiences

Veteran House Music Producer J-Punch is constantly re-inventing what it is to re-invent one’s self. After several years of thriving in the underground dance music community, having released multiple songs on various dance music record labels [System Recordings, Global Underground], and having spearheaded one of Washington D.C.’s most successful weekly house music events, Pulse, for  Full Article…