Dr Drum Review Story

But there is one that changed my life. Instead of the sales pitch, I want to tell you a story.

I wanted to be big time musician, ever since I was around 8 or 9. I used to imagine myself as a composer, leading my symphony. But they wear funny hats.

I started trying out all of the professional, studio quality music software, and I mean ALL of them.I spent an average of six hundred dollars each of them.


I will never forget the first time I used them. I felt like I was just kicked in the head. I had no idea what I was looking at, it all looked foreign to me. I practically got a headache.

I spent around 4 years getting to the point I am. Of course, I bought some books and other training material to help me, but should come with all beat making software, free! After 4 years, I was introduced to Dr Drum.

In minutes I had learned everything I needed to know to make beats exactly like I did in my more expensive, way to complicated music making software.


It took me 1 minute with Dr Drum to do what took me 4 years to accomplish before!The software is put together perfectly. All of the complexity just dissapears, I can fine tune any aspect of my beat in the built in 16 track sequencer with a simple drag and drop.

I was even able to import my own samples and map the notes to the 4 octave keywboard, giving me endless possibilites. Now I get to make more music, and focus less on the settings and more staying in the zone. You should go check out the site, www.DrDrum.com.


It is totally worth it.

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