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If you’ve been researching beat making software with the aim of making a purchase  or hunting for a free download, the chances are you’ve heard of Dr Drum, a beat maker that’s exploded onto the beat making scene with a collection of powerful tools to help you become a professional beat maker.

Just in case you haven’t heard what all the fuss is about we’re going to look at 4 key features that are making Dr Drum one of the fastest selling beat makers out there:

1) Industry-standard quality samples

Too many pieces of beat making software nowadays come with MP3 samples. To the uninitiated this sounds great, after all aren’t MP3s used by everyone? The problem is that MP3 is a compressed format.

This means that quality if sacrificed in order to make the file size smaller. This is fine on a personal music player but the loss of quality becomes noticeable if you want to play your beats at a club.

To be taken seriously you’ll need your beats to be in the industry-standard 44.1 WAV format which thankfully is just the format that Dr Drum uses for its samples!

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2) Ease of use

There’s no point buying fancy beat making software if you can’t make head or tail of it and need an advanced degree just to create anything. As well as being powerful Dr Drum is also intuitive featuring a simple drag and drop interface which you’ll find easy to get started with straight away.

Also included is access to a members-only area featuring full videos showing you how to create your own professional beats.

3) Extensive library of samples

Have you noticed that many beats made by beginners sound similar? This is because they are all using software with a small library of samples.

Many beat making programs on the market come with only a small library meaning you’ll have to record your own samples if you want to create anything original sounding.

Dr Drum features an extensive library of samples however, giving you everything you need to get started. And if you do want to import your own samples it’s as simple as just a few clicks.

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4) Low cost

Dr Drum is available for under $40 while giving you the professional options you need to get started.

Why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on equipment when you could be creating your beats minutes after installing.

Best of all Dr Drum comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee – so you can technically download Dr Drum try it risk-free – what could be better?